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A group of people who reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage.

Welcome to this new web space dedicated to all things Lincoln. This process will take your input and post it for all to see and know about. The good, the bad and the beautiful that make up our award winning Community of Lincoln, California - 95648.

For the most complete Community pages visit the Northwest link for an example of how this site could be useful. With your input this site will grow and become a very user friendly tool.

Some History:
This site has grown from a local website started 2.5 years ago by the neighbors of 5th Street west of Joiner Parkway, out of a desire to preserve the South Fork of the Markham Ravine. As more and more neighbors found out what 'could' happen, the website helped keep everyone on top of what was happening such as when the City was meeting, when the walk-thru's were planned and so on. the end result was that  the Community stayed informed and was able to make a difference!

Moving Forward:
Realizing the great many benefits generated from the Fifth Street web site, there became a desire to help other Lincoln neighbors and neighborhoods reach out in this new digital age as well.  Voila! web site was created.  It is envisioned that will become your starting point for all things Lincoln.

The Process:
This is not a soap box for just one person to stand on and be?? shout out a message. This is a space without judgment or prejudice.  It is open to all viewpoints, races, backgrounds, mulit-generational as well the brand new resident. What it will take is for you, the concerned resident, submitting whatever you think is important to make all of us more informed. You do this by submitting your information via the contact form.

What to submit:
The Lincoln News Messenger does a great job with their resources, but they can't be everywhere all the time.  And, at times, I am sure space is limited as to what gets put in print. Well, LiveLoveLincoln has a very large, mostly empty, hard drive just waiting for your:

  • Neighborhood block parties
  • New business openings and 'events'
  • Yard Sales
  • Youth sports scores AND summaries instead of just a tag line with a score
  • Churches
  • your local C.O.P.S. officer
  • Neighborhood watch programs and updates
  • National Night Out
  • Local photos / essays / poems
  • N.E.V. news
  • Think you have  a topic that needs hearing on a regular basis? Submit a request for a regular column.
  • I am sure there are a LOT of other ideas - submit them and  they will be included.

Where it goes:
Once the content comes to the webmaster, it will be published in one of the 4 'quadrant' home pages.  I am sure these boundaries will increase again in the near future. But basically take  the new Post Office location, put an X thru it and there you have the 4 quadrants as they relate to this website for publishing purposes. See the links at the top of this page. We are also looking for interns and regular columnists who have the passion for Lincoln and would like to make a difference. No web experience needed, just a desire to help make Lincoln all it can be - an All American City!

Contact US NOW and tell us
what you need in this site!

Founded in 2006 and currently under construction to serve all of our communities!

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The purpose for  LiveLoveLincoln:

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